Unique, Audible, And Customizable
Samurai Warriors
Armed, Dangerous, And Ready to Conquer The Crypto-Verse


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Meet Your Samurais!

Here are just a few of the traits that factor into rarity each samurai will have:

- BACKGROUNDS: We simply had to include the Rising Sun into this NFT! Each background, at mint, is a combination of a solid-colored backdrop with varying gradients and colors of the Rising Sun on top.

 - TYPES: There are 6 different variations of Crypto Samurais. We have Men, Women, Aliens, Undead, Robots, and Apes! Why? Because variety is the spice of life, haha, so why not.

- MUSIC: Yup, you read that right, our Crypto Samurais each come with their own soundtracks we dubbed War and Peace Anthems! This is a very unique touch, we personally have not seen music widely distributed with NFTs (kinda hard), so we figured we should definitely do it. 

- WEAPONS: What is a samurai without their trusty blade. This is why Crypto Samurais come with options for not one but two handheld weapons! Weapons range from practical and fierce to whimsical and fun, afterall this is crypto. 

- Facial Expressions, Tattoos, Hair, Torso(clothing), Necklaces, Cloaks, Facial Hair, Masks, Headgear, Forearms(armor), and Miscellaneous items. 

The possibilities are endless!

Don't wait, be sure to mint your Crypto Samurais and get involved in our community.

Find out more in the perks section below and through our social platforms.



Ready To Conquer?
Mint Your Samurais!


Chrome Desktop/Laptop Browser Recommended.

 If On Mobile, Open Mint.CryptoSamurais.Art Using The Metamask Mobile Application's Browser Feature.

1. Once at the minting website, Mint.CryptoSamurais.Art, you will need to press 'CONNECT' to allow your Metamask ETH wallet to use our Crypto Samurais Minter application (Shown Below)


2. Once connected, make your choice between minting 1, 2, 5, 10, or 20 Samurais by pressing the respective buttons and affirming the confirmation prompts issued by Metamask.

NOTE: While minting is in progressing the Mint buttons will change to say 'Busy Minting' and 'Loading' will appear in the View Your Samurais section. Be patient, the process usually takes 3-5 minutes depending on the Ethereum blockchain.

Any issues contact us on our Discord!

3. And that's it, you've successfully minted your Crypto Samurais! After the minting process concludes, your unique, hand-drawn, programmatically generated samurais will appear at the bottom of the page under 'View Your Samurais:' (Shown Above)

Simply view your samurais by logging into Opensea Directly


Click your samurais' images on the mint website and a more detailed view of your samurai will popup with such details as their attributes, larger photograph, and a button to their Opensea Marketplace page.

Press the 'PLAY' and 'PAUSE' buttons to listen to your Samurais' anthems!



The Gallery is where you go to take a closer look at your samurais.

After clicking the 'Gallery' Button above or going to Gallery.CryptoSamurais.Art you will need to press 'CONNECT' to allow your Metamask ETH wallet to use our Crypto Samurais Gallery application.

Under the 'View Your Samurais' section you will see a list of all the samurais owned by the connected Metamask account. Each Samurai displayed will show their image, name, clan, and play/pause toggle for their anthem. Click on the image of your samurai to get more details such as Attributes and their OpenSea Marketplace listing. Click the image of your samurai again and a larger image will be displayed. Click again and the dialog boxes close.

NOTE: While the mint is ongoing there will be a 'MINT NOW' button that will open the Minter application. If all samurais have been minted the mint now button will change to redirect to the Opensea Marketplace Catalog.



Rankings are how we recognize those in our community that have been the most active and contributed the most to the success of our project! In our inclusively exclusive community, primarily, the more active a user is the more points they receive. These points translate to different levels. Secondarily, the more samurais you command control over the higher the ranking a community member attains.

Rankings listed Below:


1 Samurai


5 Samurais


10 Samurais


15 Samurais


20 Samurais

We have worked hard to bring this project to mint and we truly appreciate all of the samurais that have supported our project!

Name Changer

Your Samurais all come with cool randomized names!

However, our cool may not be your cool so instead of being stuck with whatever name your NFT came with like most other NFTs we have created this application to allow our community to change the publicly viewable names of their Samurais.

After clicking the 'Name Changer' Button above or going to Names.CryptoSamurais.Art you will need to press 'CONNECT' to allow your Metamask ETH wallet to use our Crypto Samurais Gallery application.

Enter the Edition Number of the Samurai whose name you would like to change referencing the 'Your Samurais' section at the bottom of the web application. Then enter a new name and click Change Name. That's it, the name of your samurai will be changed and immediately viewable in the 'View Your Samurais' section. If you click on your Samurai you will be brought to its Opensea Marketplace listing. Give Opensea some time to reflect the changes.

NOTE: you can only enter your samurai's edition number and names under 20 characters long into the input fields.

Clan Changer

Not only can we wage war on crypto together but we can form clans as well!

Clans are a way to customize your samurais and another way for our community to interact with one another. The clan system will be completely community orchestrated. Clans can productively challenge one another to see which comes out on top or be a fun place to hang with like minded friends, clans can be public or private, and best of all clans further focus the community at large's efforts to accomplish goals.

After clicking the 'Clan Changer' Button above or going to Clans.CryptoSamurais.Art you will need to press 'CONNECT' to allow your Metamask ETH wallet to use our Crypto Samurais Clans application.

For our demo the clans shown are made up as the community will ultimately create the clan names and images that will be used to customize the background of their samurais. Don't worry we can have our artist help with the backgrounds haha. Enter the edition number of the samurais intended to either leave or join a clan referencing the 'View Your Samurai' section. If leaving a clan all is needed is that edition number and then press 'LEAVE CLAN'. If joining a clan, input the name of the clan being joined and press 'JOIN CLAN'. The Clan name will appear with your samurai in the 'View Your Samurais' section, within the details on the Gallery application, and on the OpenSea Marketplace as a trait.



We will begin working with a 3rd party to allow our community to use the images of their samurais to create merchandize!







In Progress


- Outline character designs

- Complete illustrating characters 

- Complete illustrating character features, clothing, items, etc.

- Complete ERC-721 Contract

- Recruit New Samurais!



- 10 lucky Crypto Samurais holders will receive an airdropped warrior!

- 10 ETH goes to the community wallet for future development and to maintain the floor.


- 10 lucky Crypto Samurais holders will receive original sketches from the artist behind Crypto Samurais

- Crypto Samurais Gallery application launches!

- 10 ETH goes to the community wallet for future development and to maintain the floor.


- Inclusively exclusive crypto community will launch where our samurais will wage war on crypto! (Possibly released earlier, this NFT is about building a community, so community building we shall).

- Community ranking system launches!

- 10 lucky Crypto Samurais will receive hi-res prints of one of their samurais from the artist.


- Crypto Samurais NFT Naming System launches!

- Crypto Samurais Community Creates Clans!

- Monthly Crypto War Room Discussions begin!


- Merch distribution begins for holders of Crypto Samurais. 

- 30 more ETH goes to the community wallet. Discussions will begin to decide how best to utilize these funds. ie: new token, graphic novel, animated series, game etc.